Mount Isa are Moving It!

Mount Isa, a city that constantly faces logistical challenges due to their remote western location, has stepped up as a leader in promoting health and wellbeing to their community with the Move It Mount Isa program.

With an average of 500 residents taking up the free activities on offer every month, Mount Isa City Council have demonstrated that by listening to feedback from participants and providers they can achieve meaningful impact in the community. “We are continually developing and adapting the program to suit the needs of the community from a variety of activities to inside and outside work hours” said Mount Isa Community Development Officer Petra Osinski. This consultation combined with reaching out to community and health services has been a key factor for the success of the program.

In the two years that the Move It NQ program has been active, Mount Isa continue to focus on easing the financial strain on families to participate in sport or active leisure activities. Consultation found that by reducing the initial financial outlay, people were more likely to come along and give physical activity a try, and after attending a few Move It Mount Isa sessions participants reported changing their mindset and building healthy lifestyle habits. “We understand that the costs associated with participating in sport and recreation activities can become a barrier for families to take part. Our aim is to reduce the financial strain on our community to encourage everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances to have the opportunity to become physically active” said Mount Isa City Councillor, Peta McRae.

This year the program has expanded to include Pilates and Swim Fit in the already packed timetable. These new sessions bring variation to the program and ensure that people have the opportunity to try new activities or work on strengthening and developing their capabilities, “the Move It Mount Isa program is hugely beneficial in terms of getting people outside their comfort zone, I wasn’t particularly confident when I started going to aqua, I didn’t have a high tolerance to fitness, but over time and going to as many sessions as possible, that really built up and I have been swimming so much further” says program participant and long term Mount Isa resident Diane Godfrey. “The social side of it is really beneficial, I have met so many people that I would not have normally had a chance to, I have built relationships with these people, and it really makes you feel good to know you are supporting the community and have each other’s backs” says Godfrey.

Supporting a long-term sustainable wellbeing program is a strong part of Mount Isa’s approach to community health “this financial year Mount Isa City Council have co-funded almost 1:1 with Move it NQ. This has made it possible for council to bring in new programs and extend the length of time we can run them.” Said Cr McRae

Having such a strong Move It Mount Isa program has also assisted to boost engagement in sporting clubs in the region “These programs are transitional and are designed to get people active who haven’t been active, they can do things at their own level and build up confidence and fitness before joining sporting clubs” said Osinski.

By providing opportunities for all community members, regardless of age, injury, or financial restraint, to be active, Move It Mount Isa has a variety of activities on offer including Seniors Up and Go, Boxercise, Aqua Aerobics, Swim Fit, Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga.

Visit to see the Move It NQ timetable or for more information from Move It Mount Isa.