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06 Mar

Update: NQPHN & NQSF Community Health Project

The first of 3 Community Health and Well-Being pilot programs was launched in Cairns.

Nine months in, the NQSF Health and Wellbeing Project has completed significant work:

  • A needs assessment within the NQSF footprint has identified the needs and barriers for LGAs to develop health and wellbeing intervention bundles;
  • Contributed to the realignment of the Queensland Sport + Recreation strategy;
  • Formed an advisory group to deliberate on LGA program submissions and select pilot programs;
  • Selected three pilot programs to commence 2019-20FY.

Work continues with LGAs in development of programs that align to the aims of the project. Illustrated by the varying designs and targets of the selected pilot programs, North Queensland is a diverse region requiring evidence-based solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the community.

This project wil continue:

  • Positively contributing to combatting obesity and associated chronic disease;
  • Engaging our communities to deliver solutions which contribute towards increased liveability and stronger communities;
  • Delivering the support needed by our member LGAs, sporting organisations and community services.

With further programs set to roll out in the next financial year, LGA member delegates be sure to get in touch with our Program Coordinator to develop interventions that will keep your communities active.

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