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19 May

Remaining Physically Active during COVID-19

Across the world, individuals young and old are being impacted by the effects of COVID-19. Through the cancellation of team sports, closure of gyms and recreational centres- even those who have a good record of remaining physically active are now needing support to get through this challenging time.

Vital for our physical health and supporting our mental health- it is crucial that we do what we can to keep moving and supporting those around us to do the same.

Find Your Reason

The evidence is pretty clear- we all need to move most days. Whether it is for weight management, decreasing the risk of chronic disease, improving our mental health, or keeping our muscles and bones strong- there are many benefits of keeping physically active. (If you want to know more and have an extra 10 minutes to spare- watch this video)

Sometimes this is not quite enough to get us out the door- and we need to find that extra motivation to keep us going. Setting goals are a great way of keeping us keen and accountable and does not just have to be what the scales say. Here are some starting ideas, but remember the best goal is the one you are most passionate about!

  • Start an active day streak. Day 1 will soon become Day 10 when you set realistic goals – Read More
  • Improve from last week. It might look like an extra 5 minutes of walking, getting that extra squat in the online workout, or logging more weekly steps on your activity tracker.
  • Boost your mood. Exercise is not just about heart pumping activity that leaves you feeling exhausted. Try a calming activity to help wake you up in the morning or some light exercise after work to help you unwind from the day and journal how your mood improves over the week.

Find Your How

One of reasons Move It NQ was set up was to help individuals connect with local support and programs to get them moving. And while COVID-19 might have impacted so of our normal methods, we are working hard to remove those barriers to keeping you moving. Some of the ways we have been able to do that:

  • Our online exercise library to help you moving indoors
  • Regular online classes to keep you connected
  • Our health support resources to provide you with information to better your overall health

Some other great ways to ensure you keep moving:

  • Get outside and enjoy our lovely NQ weather! (Tip: Your local council will be able to guide you to your local parks, paths and trails)
  • Try something new. There is no better motivation then giving a new activity a go, whether it is making it up a new hill, kicking a ball at the park or creating some home exercise equipment. (Tip: its easier than you might think, reusing a 1L milk container is a 1kg weight when filled with water)

Find Your Support

We all need a bit of help at times. Move It NQ is committed to supporting where we can, but sometimes a personal touch is also needed! Even for those stuck indoors at the moment, technology is keeping us closer than ever. Here are some great ways to connect with others in keeping moving!

  • Tuning in to an online class.
  • Call or video chat a friend while doing a home workout or walk (maybe stick to audio only on the walk!)
  • Challenge a family member of a friend to a new goal. A bit of competition never hurt!
  • Get it done with the family and pets. Family walks, some backyard sports or doing a home workout with the whole family will help keep everyone accountable!

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Judah Morris
NQSF Program Coordinator

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