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16 Jul

Move more, Sit less

Most of us know the importance of getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, but what is often neglected is reducing the amount of time of prolonged sitting during the day. The evidence supporting the need to reduce the amount of sedentary time per day is substantial, with an increased risk of many health problems even if you do regular exercise.

Many of us spend large amounts of time in a prolonged seated position driving to work, perform our work duties, plus the amount of time the average Australian spends watching TV.

SafeWork Australia has identified this being a growing issue in Australia, with up to 50% of workers spending part of their working day in a prolonged seated position. The image below shows how a few simple steps can make a big difference in the amount of time we spend seated each day.

Illustration showing how the hazard of sedentary work can be reduced by substituting and interrupting sitting time.

Tips to Move More and Sit Less

Take a break every 30 minutes from sitting. While we all have times that this might not be possible, some simple ways we can ensure we achieve this include:

  1. Filling up your water bottle half way, encouraging more frequent trips
  2. Set an alarm or reminder on your computer or phone to remind you to move
  3. Use headphones/ headset to allow you to walk/ stand up while on a phone call
  4. Remember that even a little break from sitting is better than nothing (try 10 squats every 30 minutes if that’s all you have time for)

Increase your amount of incidental exercise:

If you aren’t able to access the video here are a few more tips on incidental exercise: Park a bit further away from work and walk the rest of the way, use stairs instead of the elevator, walk over to a colleague instead of sending an email (even small amounts here and there add up).

And the last way we encourage you to Move More and Sit Less should be no surprise: find a regular physical activity you enjoy doing everyday. Our Move It NQ calendar is filling up with lots of activities in your area that you can be involved with. While you might not always move as much as you can during the work day minimising the amount of time you sit before and after will make a big difference! Find a friend, club, or organisation and keep moving!


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