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13 May

(Just a few) benefits of getting active outside.

It’s getting to that time of the year again in North Queensland when the weather starts to cool down – which makes for the perfect time to get out and get active. No more excuses that its too hot. From our pristine beaches, parks & trails there is a lot to explore – and no better way than through some physical activity. Try challenge yourself this week to step out and explore a new part of your town or plan a weekend trip to get out and active across our region!

A man does not climb a mountain without bringing some of it away with him, and leaving something of himself upon it.

Sir Martin Conway

While we don’t want to stop anyone from enjoying their usual gym class, indoor sporting activity or home workout we’ve put together a few reasons why getting outside will make for a great new workout.

  • The physical and mental benefits from being outside are numerous. From the fresh air, the vitamin D from a bit of sunshine (remember to stay sun safe!), to the neurotransmitter boost that some natural landscape will provide you. Just being in nature can relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep, eyesight, inflammation and creativity.
  • Evidence shows that being in nature for just 20 minuets increases life satisfaction by 64%. It is a great way to destress and take a moment for your own health and well-being.
  • It’s free! From our public beaches, national parks & recreation areas, walking/ biking tracks, and outdoor exercise equipment – an annual outdoor gym membership won’t break anyone’s budget.
  • All are welcome, getting outdoors is beneficial for everyone’s health. It’s known that dog walkers are more likely to get out for a walk. Some pets might be easier than others, but try get every member of your household out next time you plan an outdoor activity.
  • It’s easy to get inspired. Try popping down to a local park, beach or busy area of town and you’ll likely find many activities – some of which may inspire you to try something new.

We want to hear and see how you are getting out in North Queensland! Make sure to use #moveitnq when you capture the next sunrise on your walk, find a new walking track or just want to show off your pet enjoying getting out with you! And of course we’ve got plenty of FREE outdoor exercise programs every week to get you started – find one near you!

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