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16 Dec

Fun ways to get active these Holidays

Although holidays are for relaxing, it’s a shame to let all the effort you’ve made during the year, exercising, and eating healthy, go to waste in days of inactivity. Summer holidays are a great time to try new activities, spend quality time with the kids and your friends, and explore where you live.

We have compiled a list of ways to get active and have fun these holidays to help you make the most of your weekends or time off. So why not give some ago and share your favourites with us @moveitnq on Facebook and Instagram.

Christmas light adventure

Drive to the neighbourhood in your town known for having the best Christmas lights, then spend an evening walking around the neighbourhood while enjoying time with your family.

Family fitness challenge

Have a fun fitness challenge with rewards – give a sticker for every day that a family member accumulates 30 minutes of exercise. The first person to accumulate seven stickers chooses the movie on movie night. Why not create a large prize if everyone in the family reaches a goal.


There’s no better way to refresh and reconnect than walking in nature. Go for a short walk, all day or even overnight.

Go crazy with chalk

Get out the chalk on the driveway, draw hopscotch, foursquare, twister, bullseye or a chalk maze and have fun practicing and timing yourself and the kids.

Water Sports

Surfing, sailing, diving, stand up paddle boarding, water skiing, any water sports are great fitness and perfect for our North Queensland weather.

Spend a day at the park

Take a picnic and play some fun outdoor games such as bocce, Finska, frisbee, cricket and badminton.

Set up a water park

Get the water pistols, fill up the water balloons, turn the sprinkler on, set up a slip and slide and have a water themed day in your backyard.

Create a family sports tournament

Use your local park facilities or things at home to have a Wimbledon tournament, 3 on 3 basketball championship, pool comp or if you have a big family – your own family Big Bash comp.

DIY amazing race

Set up a DIY amazing race or scavenger hunt with your friends or the kids. Come up with clues and mini challenges as you make your way around your neighbourhood.

Get planting

Make over your garden or plant a vegetable patch. This one is a win-win as not only do you get to enjoy extra tasty fresh vegetables, but it is also a fact that kids that grow their own vegetables are much more likely to eat their veggies.

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