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02 Sep

Dance your way to Health

We all know Dancing is great for our physical health. But did you know that it is also great for your brain?

Dancing is a form of exercise that is healthy, fun, and enjoyably. It provides all the same benefits as other forms of exercise and more!  

Below we will start to explore the numerous benefits of Dance provided by the unique combination of exercise, music, and socialization.

Physical Benefits:

The physical benefits of Dance include increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone, endurance, and balance. Depending on the intensity and moves of the dance, one may enhance their cardiovascular health, strengthen weightbearing bones and the lower back, preventing injury.

Regulating Moods:

Dance is especially effective at modifying our emotional state and improving our moods. It can be used to reduce stress, anxiety and prevent or treat depression. The mind-body connection of dance allows body movements to regulate emotions and provides an outlet for emotional expression. These effects are amplified by the socialisation aspect of Dance not experienced with other forms of exercise.

Brain Health:

Researchers have found that regular Dancing reduced the risk of Dementia by 76%. No other leisure activities provide the same level of risk reduction. Dance helps the brain form new interconnections and work faster, improving memory, attention, intelligence, and the ability to multitask.

Counteracts Age Related Decline:

The saying ‘use it or lose it’ is highly relevant to aging. If our brains only have one path to a memory, then when a step in that path is lost, we can no longer access the memory. Dancing provides an environment where our brains are encouraged to create new or strengthen neural pathways. Meaning more paths are created to our memories and if a step is lost, we are still able to follow different paths.

Sustaining an active lifestyle can be difficult and boring but Dance provides a fun and variable way to staying healthy. Most people can’t resist moving to a catchy tune so get a group together or boogie with some headphones, there are no limitations.

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