Capacity Building

To positively contribute to community health and wellbeing in Northwest Queensland, Move It NQ has identified the following priorities:

  • Investment in building regional capacity to facilitate community exercise programs.
  • Expansion of community exercise programs into Northwestern Queensland.


  • Low rates of physical activity
  • Availability of accessible exercise opportunities
  • Under supply of exercise providers
  • Lack of confidence, support and resources to become qualified


The Move It NQ Capacity Building Program will fund identified individuals within local Northwestern QLD communities who are committed to the delivery of long-term community health and wellbeing programs to become a certified exercise provider.

To suit the local needs and unique situation of your local community, the program offers flexible options based on the identified trainee, available infrastructure and resulting exercise program to be implemented. The program consists of different levels, with each building on and complementing the previous. Move It NQ ensures programs are adaptable, evidence based and place specific to ensure the local needs of the council, community and trainees are met.

Level 1 – Champion

An individual who can set up, coordinate and monitor exercise sessions delivered by other fitness professionals virtually or coordinate active group gatherings like walking groups. These individuals will be a form of motivation within the community and for program participants but will not be responsible for providing advice. Training of this level is minimal and includes First Aid, CPR and Mental Health First Aid.

Level 2 – Specific Activity Instructor

An individual that will receive training to be qualified to deliver specific fitness sessions. Training of this level is dependent on the resulting community exercise program that will be delivered but may include a Group Exercise Leader Certificate, Zumba Instructor Training, Aqua Exercise Instructor Training, or Coaching Courses.

Level 3 – Group Exercise Instructor (Recommended)

An individual that will complete a Certificate III in Fitness and will be qualified to run group exercise programs and maintain a local gym. They are recognised as an Exercise Instructor by Fitness Australia and will receive the minimum knowledge, skills and qualification needed to provide exercise health advice to the community. This is the recommended level because a Certificate III is the minimum qualification needed to start a rewarding career in fitness and health.


  • A fully funded fitness qualification
  • Support to complete the qualification and start your career in health and fitness
  • Upskilling yourself and your community
  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Creating the ability to deliver physical activity health and wellbeing sessions in your community
  • Creating a need and ability to apply for further Move It NQ funding and employment
  • Improved community connection with local government
  • Improved physical, mental and social wellbeing of your community

Next Steps

If you are committed to living in the Northwestern QLD area and would like to help you community to become healthier by providing community exercise sessions please express your interest in the program by submitting the form below. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.

Expressions of Interest for this opportunity have now closed.