Author: Judah Morris

13 May

(Just a few) benefits of getting active outside.

It’s getting to that time of the year again in North Queensland when the weather starts to cool down – which makes for the perfect time to get out...

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09 Nov

Fifteen FREE Ways to Keep Active this Summer.

It’s the perfect time of the year to try something new. Whether you want get a kickstart on some New Year’s goals, help coping with the warm weather, or...

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15 Oct

Moving towards Bone Health

Bones, like muscles, become stronger with exercise. As bone mass peaks during the third decade of our lives, it’s important that adults incorporate regular exercise to prevent bone loss....

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30 Sep

Exercising in the heat

It’s starting to warm up in North Queensland as we move out of winter and into the summer months. It’s important to start building strategies to ensure you keep...

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17 Sep

Move It with Active Travel

Whether you are headed to work, study or grabbing a coffee with a friend, incorporating active travel is a great way to get your required weekly physical activity. Active...

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26 Aug

Charters Towers Youth After School Program

The North Queensland Sports Foundation’s Move It NQ project, through support from the Northern Queensland PHN, has provided funding and support to the Charters Towers Regional Council to facilitate...

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