Author: Bella Hickson

07 Apr

Maintaining A Healthy Relationship with Chocolate

With Chocolates having been on display since February it’s hard to resist the delicious little Easter eggs as Easter approaches. However, having a healthy relationship with chocolate is associated...

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28 Feb

Free Middlemount Program to Jog the Running Memory

Middlemount residents are encouraged to take their fitness in stride and become a jog-gernaut in a free 10-week program. Keep the good times jogging in the Move It NQ...

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02 Sep

Dance your way to Health

We all know Dancing is great for our physical health. But did you know that it is also great for your brain? Dancing is a form of exercise that...

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06 Aug

2021 Move It NQ Workshop

“This workshop was a great continuation from the first workshop. The topics were a great addition to further develop programs” The North Queensland Sports Foundation (NQSF) hosted the second...

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28 May

NQSF and Move It NQ Update

The NQSF is eager to expand its service delivery into the area of community capacity building for NQSF’s North Western LGA members. Between May 17th and 20th, the North...

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16 Apr

7 Small Changes to Live a More Active Life

You might not be quite ready to join the gym, sign up for the 5k fun run, or join your friend for a walk up the hill – Yet! ...

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