About Move It NQ

Move It NQ is one of the projects of the North Queensland Sports Foundation, aimed at supporting healthier and active lifestyles. Through the successful development of evidence-based strategies and delivery of community physical activity programs across North Queensland, Move It NQ has become a leader in driving health-related outcomes across the region.

The objectives of Move It NQ included:

      • Developing place-based strategies to promote physical activity and lifelong health promoting behaviours.
      • Contributing to overall community health and wellbeing through partnerships with local sport, recreation, and health organisations.
      • Reducing the burden of obesity and chronic disease.
      • Promoting the role that sport and active recreation has on an individual and community level.
      • Supporting LGA members and local organisations in community engagement, strategic planning and promotion of physical activity initiatives.
      • Capacity building for sport and active recreation organisations in targeting key demographics within the community.


In partnership between the North Queensland Sports Foundation, Northern Queensland PHN, Western Queensland PHN, and 24 Local Government Authority members in North Queensland, we are reshaping North Queensland.

Why is this program Important?

      • Within the project footprint, 61.6% of adults and 26.9% of children are obese/ overweight. One of the driving factors in a 39.3% and 50.3% inactivity rate for adults and children, respectively.
      • Physical activity provides numerous health benefits: weight management, healthy bones and muscles, heart and lung health and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases.
      • Participation in regular physical activity improves mental health and social well-being.
      • Sport and active recreation programs boost local economies, fosters community pride and creates positive behaviours and social inclusion.
      • Resources are limited and many active recreation programs engaged are not sustainable, with support not available in delivering long-term solutions in engaging the physical inactive members of our communities.
      • A collective coordinated approach across North Queensland has a positive impact on community health and wellbeing

Work completed to date:

      • Move It NQ commenced in July 2018 through a partnership between the North Queensland Sports Foundation and the Northern Queensland PHN.
      • Between 2018-2021 programs in the Northern Queensland PHN footprint have been launched in Cairns Regional Council, Charters Towers Regional Council, Cook Shire Council, Douglas Shire Council, Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Isaac Regional Council, Mackay Regional Council, Richmond Shire Council, Torres Strait Island Regional Council and Whitsunday Regional Council.
      • Move It NQ expanded its project footprint in 2020 through a partnership with Western Queensland PHN, with programs developed in Boulia Shire Council, Carpentaria Shire Council, Cloncurry Shire Council, McKinlay Shire Council, Mornington Shire Council, Mount Isa City Council and Winton Shire Council.
      • Move It NQ digital platforms launched in 2020, expanding the project’s reach through the inclusion of online exercise classes, on-demand workouts, and health resources.
Local Government Authority Members
Boulia Shire Council
Burke Shire Council
Cairns Regional Council
Carpentaria Shire Council
Charters Towers Regional Council
Cloncurry Shire Council
Cook Shire Council
Croydon Shire Council
Douglas Shire Council
Etheridge Shire Council
Flinders Shire Council
Hinchinbrook Shire Council
Isaac Regional Council
Mackay Regional Council
McKinlay Shire Council
Mornington Shire Council
Mount Isa City Council
Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council
Richmond Shire Council
Torres Strait Island Regional Council
Townsville City Council
Whitsunday Regional Council
Winton Shire Council

Bella Hickson


With a background in Health Science and Public Health, Bella is passionate about health promotion and advocacy for communities within North Queensland. Bella has a strong interest in the role physical activity plays in driving community health and bringing together public health and the sport and recreation agenda.

Enthusiastic about community’s health and well-being, Bella is ready to partner with LGAs and relevant stakeholders to work collaboratively in the development of evidence- and place-based sustainable programs.

Judah Morris


With a background in Exercise Physiology and Public Health, Judah has a strong passion in health promotion and delivering evidence-based interventions to enable individuals and communities to improve their health.  As a competitive distance runner, Judah has a strong interest in the role that sport and recreation play in improving our health and how keeping active contributes to overall wellness.

A strong communicator, Judah is ready to partner with LGAs and relevant stakeholders to ensure community needs are met in the development of sustainable health and wellness programs.