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16 Apr

7 Small Changes to Live a More Active Life

You might not be quite ready to join the gym, sign up for the 5k fun run, or join your friend for a walk up the hill – Yet!  Adding some small changes into your life can help you get to that goal or boost your motivation to find one. Every little change goes a long way along your health journey, so why not start today. We’ve got 7 small changes that might assist you in starting. Why not try ticking one off for the next week and start seeing the positive changes:

  1. Remember that it all adds up. Try going up one more flight of stairs than yesterday or carrying that extra grocery bag.
  2. Turn your favourite TV show into an interval session. Turn the ad breaks into a chance to get up from the couch and do some of your favourite body weight exercises: squats, push ups or crunches.
  3. Walk, walk, and walk some more. It is easy to incorporate more walking into your day. Try parking a bit further away, using headphones to get up and walk during a phone call, fill up your water bottle only halfway to prompt a few more trips, or set an alarm for a 5-minute walk on the hour.
  4. Incorporate some weight training into your schedule: do a few sets of calf raises while brushing your teeth or squatting while waiting for lunch to heat up in the microwave.
  5. Get some additional benefits from your exercise: gardening, vigorous cleaning and many household chores are a good way of getting your heart rate going. You get to experience the benefits of ticking household chores off your to do list and being physically active.
  6. Organise a walking meeting, coffee catchup or family time. Not only will the support help keep you accountable but chatting the kms away makes for a quicker walk.
  7. We’ve saved our favourite for last (we’ve already admitted to some previous bias): Look around MoveItNQ.com.au. If you’re reading this then chances are you’ve already found our page, so have a look around. We’ve got plenty more resources to help you live a more active life. Free virtual classes, recorded exercise videos and lots of content to keep you moving in an easy way!

We would love to hear how you go. Let us know which ones are your favourites or share any other ideas that keep you active and healthy! Tag @moveitnq and #moveitnq on Facebook or Instagram.

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